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Project Description

Follow Me

When Jesus was inviting people to join him he used these two simple words “follow me.” In this series we will experience what it means to follow Jesus, even though none of us truly realized what those simple words meant in the beginning. But over time we discover God has this incredible plan for each of us as we follow him. We also discover that even though we didn’t realize the implications of following Him, we found out we love it. I love being a follower of Jesus. I love all that it entails and even when I’m unsure of the direction, I am never disappointed by God’s direction and his presence. So… follow Jesus and enjoy the journey.

Middle School Youth

Grades 6-8

Every Sunday • 5 pm

The Edge

Grades 9-12

Every Wednesday • 6 pm


Ages 19-30

Every Monday • 7:30 pm

Sunday Worship

Every Sunday • 10 am

Kids program available

1000 Granville Road, Newark Ohio 43055