About- First Baptist Church of Newark


First Baptist Church of Newark is a community of growing followers of Jesus who invite others to join us in our lifelong journey.


First Baptist Church of Newark is a community of imperfect followers of Jesus who are intentional about learning to better understand and share our faith, growing together and caring for each other, and reaching out to serve our community and world.

  • We believe in the God Who is revealed in the Bible, and that Jesus alone brings salvation and leads us as individuals and a community of faith into a joyous and fulfilling future. 

  • We believe that the Holy Spirit guides our personal and congregational faith, directs us to serve Jesus and our world together, and deepens our understanding of the moral, ethical, and relational focus of Scripture. 

  • We are a diverse community of disciples for whom the Bible is the true written “word of God,” but who also believe that different understandings of Scripture strengthen us in a spirit of unity around the love of Jesus. 

  • We genuinely welcome any who would feel comfortable in our midst no matter their background or prior Christian experience.


To fulfill our mission, we commit ourselves to five disciplines
seen in the New Testament Church....

We will introduce

We will introduce Jesus to others in ways that are relational and sensitive to their needs and invite them to join us in our community of faith.

(Mt 28:18-20, Acts 1:8, Acts 2:44, 47)

We will worship

We will worship together in ways that are dynamic, friendly, and relevant to discipleship and disciple-making.

(Ps 95:6, Mt 18:20, Heb 10:25)

We will study

We will study the Scriptures and relevant literature. Appropriate, approved teachers will stretch, strengthen, and deepen our faith.

(Eph 4:15, Col 2:7, 2 Tim 2:15)

We will care for each other

We will care for each other in an empathetic, forgiving, and compassionate spirit of love.

(Gal 6:2, Eph 4:16, 1 Pet 3:8)

We will serve

We will serve the church and world selflessly, by meeting emotional, spiritual, and social needs in ways that are generous, selfless, and inviting.

(Rom 12:11, Heb 10:24, Ja 2:26)