Value of Lost Sheep

Rev. Jim Addy • September 25, 2022

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First Baptist Church of Newark
First Baptist Church of Newark
Value of Lost Sheep

Read Mathew 18:10-14 (NLT)

In this passage, Jesus is talking about human life, but not just the physical life or the mind of a person, he’s talking about spiritual life. I believe that there is nothing more precious to God than human life. But we live in a world that doesn’t value one another. We don’t value them if they think different than us, we don’t value them if they look different than us, and we don’t value them if they act different than us. But God created humanity in His image, and He sent His only son, Jesus, into this fallen world to save us.

How far will God go to reach his lost sheep? From heaven to earth. From rejection to acceptance.

No distance is too far.

No cost too much.

No effort to hard.

No situation to difficult.

No brokenness unrepairable.

No heartache to strong.

No heart to hardened.